The New Breed EP (CD)
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I. The New Breed
II. Vultures
III. Death Giver
IV. Faceless
V. Underworld
These songs were not played to a click or quantized in any way.


released 19 November 2014 

Josh Musto - Vocals and Guitar 
Damien Moffitt - Drums 
Danny Chpatchev - Guitar 
Karina Rykman - Bass 

Produced by Tomato 
Engineered and Mixed by Nik Chinboukas 
Assistant Engineered by Yosimar Gomez 
Recorded at Spin Studios in Long Island City, NY 
Managed by Chris "Tomato" Harfenist 
For booking and inquiries contact 
Or 917-496-6378 
All lyrics and music by Josh Musto (except where noted) 
Cover art by Gregory Stovetop
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The New Breed EP (CD)

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